Aramis, an institution in Barcelona since its foundation in December of 1969, has always managed to surround himself with reference marks in the fashion sector, synthesizing the classical spirit with the most up-to-date trends.


 Blazers & Suits

Keeping the exclusivity that characterizes it, counting on the best selection of Italian high tailoring from the hand of Cesare Attolini, Luciano Barbera, Lardini Arredamenti and its own important collection, the Aramis Collection. For this reason Aramis has opted for clothing that are at the same time elegant and casual, who are born from the roots of the classic tailoring. The Blazers & Suits collection is offered in a Classic fit cut, with some clothing in Modern Fit cut.


A wide selection of accessories with neckties, belts, cufflinks, sunglasses, hats and swimwear. Ensuring the excellence of its materials and that the manufacturing is largely handmade, to allow the lovers of luxury to identify themselves with the collection. The selection features brands such as Napoleon Erba and Fedeli, highlighting the extensive collection of cashmere stitch and polo – shirts of thin thread from Scotland.


Aramis remains faithful to the classic clothing and has a commitment to it defined by the pleated trousers, commonly called slacks, but always within the range of luxury and classic, as is the case with the rest of collections of the brand. Aramis, in addition, is also committed to more adjusted cuts. The slacks of the signature are featured with basic colors in different shades of flannel grey and cavalry twill in beige or hunting green, and cotton raincoats. On the other hand, with a casual style, it bets for clothing more adjusted. It counts with Panas in vivid colors, stone washed cottons, fustagno and Purls. One of the reference marks is GTA. And its own important collection. Finally, Aramis relies on some brands for its section of jeans such as Care Label, with multiple and attractive colors.

Aramis Collection

Aramis Collection is the own-brand signature and is the hallmark of the house, combining a cutting edge concept of crafts and a new vision more fresh and emotional of the world of luxury. Their selection includes suits, blazers, trousers, shirts and personal tailored shirts, in both classic and casual cuts, and mainly using fabrics of Loro Piana, Cerruti and Ritorto Doppio cottons. Aramis has opted for the style of the Italian high tailoring due to its undeniable elegance and exquisite craft details.


Always faithful to the elegance of optimum quality raw materials, Aramis has selected the best handmade shoes manufactured in Italy and England, products with a classic design in line with the rest of their collections. Aramis works with the brand Cheaney Shoes, which they commercialize and flaunt from this wonderful classic “Made in England”.  This brand has been developing shoes in the traditional manner in Northamptonshire, England, since 1886 and still today they are entirely manufactured by hand, from cutting the skin to the final polishing.