Aramis, an institution in Barcelona since its foundation in December of 1969, has always managed to surround himself with reference marks in the fashion sector, synthesizing the classical spirit with the most up-to-date trends. Aramis has always purchased excellence in the materials and that the manufacturing is, largely, handmade.


Fur Collection

It has always been said that furs favors women, but speaking about the fur, the collection of Aramis takes this saying into its maximum level, because the garments will astonish you due to its lightness, and the fact that they will fit like a glove to all silhouettes. Each one of the garments of this collection has been designed to dress like a second skin; a clothing that serves to dress in the morning, afternoon and evening: rasè minks, in fancy colors, of extreme lightness, sable, and chinchillas to give women a very young look.


Aramis has in exclusive the Tissa Fontaneda handbags and complements collection

In addition to Loewe, Tissa, has also worked in several prestigious multinational brands such as Cartier, Dunhill, Connolly, and Louis Vuitton. Ultimately, all the accessories in the collection are characterized by the impeccable quality, skilled workmanship and the attention to detail.